Project: Kind Memorials Project – A Project for Humanity

Mission: To promote healing through random acts of kindness during these unprecedented times of loss and uncertainty

Cost: Free of charge

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We are supplying the plaques free of charge.
Help us spread kindness by giving one to someone you know who has recently suffered a loss. 

Our goal is to begin a lasting cycle of giving and healing that starts with a simple act of kindness. Let’s see where it leads us!

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Kind Memorials are metal prints sized 4.25″ x 5″ mounted onto a sturdy backing for tabletop display. Your memorial will be personalized with the information that you provide below. Please be sure to double check spelling and dates for accuracy before submitting. Plaques will be prepared within one week of your order. If you request shipping, you will be sent a tracking notification at the time of shipment.

To complete your free Kindness Memorial purchase, use coupon code: KINDNESS

We ask that you utilize this program only once, but you may freely share this link with others, so they may also contribute to its impact:

Please Note: Your name and contact information are needed to complete checkout, even with a zero balance. If you opt to pick up your memorial plaque from our Oakland Park storefront, you will be charged $0 and we will contact you when your art is ready to arrange for a contact-free pickup. If you prefer to ship directly to your recipient, you will only be charged a nominal shipping cost of $6.50 for the domestic USA. 
Your personal information will not be shared, sold or otherwise used in any manner other than to fulfill your order to its proper specifications.


Paper Metal Canvas is teaming up with Lucky Tusk Co. in a collaborative effort to spread kindness and compassion back into the world, amidst our current climate of anger and fear. We hope to begin a continuous cycle of giving and healing, that starts with a simple act of kindness.

We are providing Kind Memorial plaques at no charge. We invite you to gift one to someone you know who has recently suffered a loss. Memorial plaques serve as physical reminders and personal tributes to lost loved ones, and we know that this can be of great comfort throughout the arduous process of grieving and healing. We are honored to begin this cycle of kindness with you.

We believe that as a community, we can all share in the process of healing. By focusing on the spread of kindness, we can begin to chip away at the anger and fear. In doing so, we are creating a better space to return to, once we reach the other side of this global crisis.